Huolenpitoa - huomennakin.

Honouring our promise of care.

Many of us know all too well how difficult it is to see a doctor when you need it most. Making an appointment and receiving the treatment you need is complicated and time-consuming.

Doctors and nurses are pushed to their limits, with much of their time being spent on futile bureaucracy and routines when they could be doing what they do best: helping people and providing timely care.

If nothing is done now, the situation will become worse. And the people suffering most will be those most in need of care, and those unable to look after themselves or their family.

The Centre Party has a solution that will ensure equal access to health and social services to all Finnish people, everywhere in Finland.

High quality service requires more resources, which is why in the future, health and social services will be organised by the regions. We must honour the promise of providing care to Finnish people, with compassion.

We promise you faster access to medical services, the help and assistance you need in one place, the ability to choose between a public and a private care provider, and more efficient exchange of information concerning your care between care providers.

Long-term cost control is essential  if we want to build a better Finland for the future.