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The Archives of the Centern Party

The Archives of the Centre Party is the centre archive for the centre party and the whole centre movement in Finland. Archive's most important background organisations are the Centre Party and it's local organisations, the Centre Party's Parliamentary group and party's youth, student and women organisations.

The archives documents and other material from the year of 1906 till the present-day; paper material 1500 meters, photos, posters, recorded interviews, sound recordings, videos. The documents are in Finnish.

Archive is open for public: Mon-Fri from 9.00-15.30

Keskustan ja Maaseudun Arkisto
Apollonkatu 11 a
FIN-00100 HELSINKI Finland

tel. 010 289 7045 (Archivist, Head of the Centre Archive)
tel. 010 289 7046 (Office Secretary)
tel. 010 289 7043 (Researcher/Research Worker)
e-mail: arkisto(a)