Taxation should spur entrepreneurship and work

Taxation in Finland is already at a world-record level. We can no longer increase our overall tax rate. Taxation should be predictable, coherent and simplified. It should encourage to work entrepreneurship and risk-taking.

As a counterbalance for the reduction in the joint taxation of large companies, the position of those working within partnerships or under their own private business name should be improved, for example, by introducing an entrepreneurial deduction in taxation. The position of the self-employed must be eased by increasing the lower limit of the VAT liability to 10,000 euro and raising the tax relief up to 40,000 euro.

In order to strengthen the growth and employment capacity of companies, we must create a new reserve system that would allow for a portion of the profit to remain in reserve for the company provided that the reserve is utilised, for example, within the next four years.

Risk-taking should be encouraged, for example, by making it possible to deduct losses on capital income from other sources. Source of income distribution should be dropped from corporate taxation.