State property could benefit the entire country

State property should not be sold to cover the deficit of the national economy or debts. It should be used to create new enterprises and jobs. Insufficient access to funding forms a bottleneck that impedes business growth. One solution for this is to establish a growth fund.

The State’s assets should be put to better use. To spur business growth over the next decade, the Centre Party would utilise a small portion, for example, 1.5 billion euro, of the State's business assets, which total approximately 30 billion euro. The growth fund would be implemented through currently existing entities, such as Finnish Industry Investment Ltd, Finnvera and private parties, for undertakings that meet the criteria for profitable business operations in such a way that the private funding always comes first. However, the aforementioned entities sorely need new tools and better resources to finance growth for businesses. Public funds should be directed at bottlenecks to supplement private funding.

The funding of expansive traffic infrastructure projects calls for a new funding mechanism, such as a state-owned enterprise 'Valtion Infra Oy'.