Growth from bioeconomy and digitalisation

Bioeconomy can be turned into a billion euro success story for all of Finland. In additional to their use in traditional fields, renewable natural resources can also be utilised, for example, in the manufacturing of bioplastics and new types of packaging and medicines.

The coal-black energy policy must be run down by increasing the use of domestic and renewable energy. The proportion of renewable energy sources should increase from 32 to more than 60 per cent over the next 20 years. Wood construction should be advanced, and town planning should promote the use of wood in multi-storey residential blocks of flats and public facilities.

In terms of the euro amount, Finland imports three times as much food as it exports. This food balance should be amended by a billion euro by raising the valuation of our clean foods, by increasing their refinement value and by marketing our products even more efficiently. The EU food policy must ensure consumers the right and access to detailed origin markings on foods and to the traceability of products. Primary producers should be guaranteed their just share in the distribution of income within the food chain.

The public sector must ensure that a framework is in place to advance the development of digital services. Citizens should be able to have access to and control all information used and stored about themselves, and manage all their official business with authorities electronically. A fast broad-band connection at a moderate price must be secured for all citizens and businesses. Through digitalisation and upgraded information systems, we can increase productivity in the public sector, provide employees with more time to interact with customers and further promote workplace wellness.