Good health - responsibility for one's own well-being

We have a great responsibility for the well-being of ourselves and those around us. We can affect these issues with our lifestyle and other choices. The task of society is to create a structure that enables people to assume responsibility for themselves. Self-care and rehabilitation, for example, must be reformed to support people in terms of their health, coping and work.

Sports and cultural services support well-being and health. Public funds must be especially used to support independent recreational activities that reach as many different population groups as possible. Children, young people and the disadvantaged must be assured sufficient and easily accessible cultural and recreational opportunities, at little or no cost, and the possibility to try new hobbies and activities.  It is necessary to provide the elderly with physical activities that meet their needs.

Finland needs to discuss, on the national level, attitudes towards the use of alcohol. The burden of the costs of alcohol consumption on society must be reduced. The current binge-drinking culture must be shifted towards one that favours more moderate use. The efficacy of treatment programmes and social work with substance abusers must be improved.