Education and expertise as our foundation

Finland must become a model country for creativity, competence and innovative learning environments. Equal basic education and access to training must be secured throughout the country.  The number of school drop-outs must be reduced.

The right of children to pre-school education must be advanced. The learning methods used in basic education and the structure of the school day must be reformed. Mobile learning environments and game-based learning must be promoted. An aim should be set to require at least one hour of physical activity within each school day.

Youth must be able to complete a general upper secondary education without the need to move from their home. The network of vocational training must cover all regions comprehensively. The duration of vocational training must be condensed while also ensuring the students' qualifications for higher education. Apprenticeship training for youth must be formalised into work placement contracts.

The bureaucracy and unnecessary norms connected with education and training must be reduced. We must create an atmosphere that facilitates closer co-operation between the different levels and forms of education. Trials must be integrated as part of the reform of the education system in the form of, for example, remote and online teaching at the upper secondary level, and the teaching of the Russian language in Eastern Finland.

Education exporting must be boosted. We must open up the possibility for charging a tuition fee from students from countries outside of the EU/EEA.